Dealer Perception on Aqua Feed Business

September 21, 2018

India has around 26 aqua feed mills spread across the country with the current production of 1.25 million tonnes which is only 43.4 percent of the requirement . India imports more than 50% quantity of the aqua feeds from the other countries, so there is huge scope for domestic manufacturing of aqua feed. With the introduction of L. vannamei, the cultured shrimp production is growing at 16%. The demand from shrimp will drive the growth of the aqua feed industry at 5 to 6% annually. Cheaper feed ingredients like deoiled rice bran, wheat bran, cottonseed cake and groundnut cake are extensively used in freshwater aquaculture. Both conventional and non-conventional feed ingredients are used in feed formulation for shrimps. Feed ingredients like fishmeal, squid meal, lecithin, cereal flour and other essential and propriety additives and fish oil are also used in prawn and shrimp feed formulations.

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